Spacetime and Spin at The End – starts this Friday/6ª-feira

Mariana-The End posterspacetime screen


Corpuscle worl tour

Corpuscle, our first experimental short film as Exotica Loom is happily screening around festivals. This is the list so far:

Fringe! Filmfest London

Wotever Queer Film Fest London

Queer Lisboa, International Queer Film Festival

8.Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Schnit International Shortfilmfestival (based in Switzerland, it screens all over the world. Locations yet to be disclosed)



New references after “Environmental Agency: A Landscape Film Programme” at the BFI

Emily Richardson

emrichardson redshiftRedshift by Emily Richardon

The film has a gentle intensity to it, and is composed of changes of light across the sea, sky and mountains. It shows movement where there is apparent stillness, whether in the formation of weather patterns, movement of stars, the illumination of a building by passing car headlights or boats darting back and forth across the sea’s horizon.

(Some previews at

and Inger Lise Hansen

hus.ingerlisehansenHus by Inger Lise Hansen

– Hus is a film which attempts to reveal the private and hidden layers of our habitation (…) It is a film about time and processes, about disintegration and construction. -In Hus I was interested in physically deconstructing and reconstructing one object. I imagined the house as a shell that separates “private and public spheres”. Through the use of animation I could open up this “shell” and examine it.

(I’ve recently wrote a proposal where I explained something very similar about the “house layers”)

One her incredible upside down landscapes (excerpt from Travelling Fields):

Planet A

This is Planet A from Momoko Seto:

She creates hybrid mix-genre films by transforming everyday life elements into a poetic and singular universe.

planet-a-1planet-a-2planet-a-3She also has some filthy seafood porn like this one.

(search engines show that people get to this blog by looking for “octopus” and “octopus porn”. Today is a better day for them!)