six stories from instagram

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On today’s #selfie episode “Mariana suspects she has a witch on her hands when the cheerleading squad falls victim to sudden blindness and spontaneous combustion” .
#breakfast #scifi #usagirl

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Mister Man is waiting downstairs, she’s gonna take me for a #ride in the #desert, at night 🌌⚡️

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I’m wearing #lipstick and #lesbian


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We are such an #exotic bed
#tropical #threesome #twolatinasoneparrot

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I make posters of my girlfriend and hang them around the house
#dissidentromanticlove 🌴💕

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Blue is the colour of the screen when it is unable to transmit information; it is a miscommunication, an error report, a simulation or substitution. It is the print of future planning yet it is also failure, already redundant. The colour blue is corrupted, duplicitous, and houses a dual space; it is the colour of allegory.

by Felicity Hammond


Spacetime and Spin’s new house

spacetimespintumblrI have no facebook nor twitter nor instagram, but now I have a tumblr. So now I’m slightly  more integrated in this whole cyber networking way of life.

It’s simply Spacetime and Spin‘s new house. This is another blog I have for videos and pictures I do practically daily and that reflect an interest on how we understand reality, the subjectivity of our perception and mostly, the extreme closeness between real and fictional.

I’ll occasionally post other of my projects as they’re usually related to this theme.