loss of physical mass


Last Of The Great Singing Cowboys

Since I was a kid, I have had a growing fascination with Arizona-Utah deserts, more particularly Monument Valley. The other day, with Martinho, this topic came into the conversation when talking about Francis Alÿs’ tornado and comparing it to a lone cowboy at the end of a western, riding wildly in(to) nature.

Yesterday I was feeling anxious because soon I’ll leave once again and Cowpoke started playing on my ipod and it comforted me a lot. I dream about the day I’ll go there.

I’m lonesome but I’m happy; rich but I’m broke
And the good Lord knows the reason, I’m just a cowpoke
From Cheyenne to Douglas all the ranges I know
I ride with the wind no one cares where I go
I ain’t got a dime in these old wore out jeans
So I’ll quit eatin’ steak and I’ll go back to beans
I’ll pick up a ten spot in Prescott, I know,
For a-ridin’ the broncs in the big rodeo,
Along in the springtime a filly I’ll find
And I’ll go around all the summer with her on my mind
But I’ll never be branded and I’ll never be broke
I’m a carefree range ridin’ driftin’ cowpoke

Corpuscle worl tour

Corpuscle, our first experimental short film as Exotica Loom is happily screening around festivals. This is the list so far:

Fringe! Filmfest London

Wotever Queer Film Fest London

Queer Lisboa, International Queer Film Festival

8.Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Schnit International Shortfilmfestival (based in Switzerland, it screens all over the world. Locations yet to be disclosed)




The powerful tiger scene from Manhunter

and Waking the Tiger from Ananké Asseff

Ananke-Asseff-tigreIn the installation Waking the Tiger, the moment that stands still is a more unsettling, more complex scene than the wave about to break. It is much harder to imagine this moment as a still within a temporal sequence, harder to imagine what might have come before and what might happen next. The confrontation between the young man and the tiger occurs at a moment both unique and eternal, an event bearing metaphysical weight. The beast is not in a stance of attack; the youth does not react with fear or alarm. Is it a question of the potential power of a confrontation that will take place, or a meditated dominion over the savage nature of the body that will last forever? Is the awakening tiger really in front of the young man, or is it purely a projection of his desire?
-Ananké Asseff

Available and distracted / Unavailable and focused

Yesterday my friend went to a Savages concert and came back with an album with this dialogue on the cover, from Opening Night, John Cassavetes:

The world used to be silent
Now it has too many voices
And the noises are constant distraction
They multiply, intensify

They will divert your attention from what’s convenient
And forget to tell you about yourself

We live in an age of many stimulations
If you are focused, you are harder to reach
If you are distracted, you are available

You are distracted, you are available
You want to take part in everything
And everything to be a part of you
Your head is spinning faster at the end of your spine
Until you have no face at all
And yet if the world would shut up, even for a while
Perhaps we will start hearing the distant rhythm of an angry young tune
And recompose ourselves
Perhaps having deconstructed everything
We should be thinking about putting everything back together

Silence yourself!