loss of physical mass


closer and monumental

“so my little show is about the beauty and the struggle of human connection. And what happens in those moments when we get closer to someone else or further removed from ourselves. And you know, often the change is slow and subtle, but sometimes it is sudden and monumental.”


(kcrw strangers “falling slowly”)

escaping definitions, just a note

“Their colour shines forth with a brilliance which seems to us praeternatural, because it is in fact entirely natural – entirely natural in the sense of being entirely unsophisticated by language or the scientific, philosophical and utilitarian notions, by means of which we ordinarily re-create the given world in our own drearily human image.”

Aldous Huxley

I miss comics

I miss la cupula and fantagraphics and freaks… I got some nice graphic novels the other day, from the local library, but they have mostly Marvel stuff. At Goldsmiths they simply don’t have comics (!) There’s a new tiny shop in the corner, but the variety is minuscule and not completely my style. Too many cute animals and men.

I miss some dark, daily, feminist, troubled, lazy, clever stories with graphics that take me to the time when I hanged out a lot. I like to just hang out, like that girl I saw yesterday at the skate park, drinking a beer and writing in a table full of backpacks while her friends were doing upside down tricks.

If I was in Barcelona I’d go here tomorrow:

Wonderful illustration by Ana Galvañ



Blue is the colour of the screen when it is unable to transmit information; it is a miscommunication, an error report, a simulation or substitution. It is the print of future planning yet it is also failure, already redundant. The colour blue is corrupted, duplicitous, and houses a dual space; it is the colour of allegory.

by Felicity Hammond

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