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David Jackman flies me back into my father’s guitar case 1989 where I used to fit surrounded by red velvet, where I used to play, where I used to sleep. There was a tiny box for the extra strings where I kept some precious possessions like a shell and a tiny car.
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Sol Mara brings me back to a space filled with cassettes, Wim Wenders and a special soundtrack I’ve never listen to again except in the most unexpected place once and then gone again, only playing forever in my mind. Will I ever find it again?
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To be well is to be able to be back in my father’s guitar case.

With classic compositions outside and the late 80s adventures into underground ritual electronic sounds and its potential for intra waves.

Serenity is to block the outside and be only in my velvety case, is to be able to go back to where I were in those pleasant memories and choose to never leave, to find the belong in the alone, to choose that as my house where I bring new toys to hide in the extra strings tiny box.
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