brand brew

I was looking at it and I said “he’s an interesting person but his paintings are all the same” and my friend replied “but that’s a thing painters do, they search for a language and then they repeat it over and over again”. My friend is not an artist but a creative of other kinds, so I appreciate her opinion. I like to hear the opinions about art from honest smart people not in the arts. I just had been looking into the sculptures of this one artist who is A Sculptor. Some artists are Sculptors and Painters and Performers. And I think those that have ONE discipline delve into the means of that discipline in a particular way. Say they are in the world of paint, of liquids and pigments into surface, they’ll thrive to find a place of their own -a style- and then go round and round and round and stretch it to infinity again and again the same shapes the same motives ‘how else can I talk about this through this‘… //little parenthesis here – I’m talking about a certain type of practice, not so much discipline, which is connected to the following thought// Another friend told me she showed three of her works to a curator who really liked them but didn’t find a common interest between all of them. Now, my friend could possibly be lost/in search for her language still. When you don’t know yourself yet you sprawl in experiments of curiosity which depending on the levels of self-maturity might come across as related to each other in some way OR if the levels are lower, an attempt to reach for too much. Independently of which case this was, there’s another idea in the curator’s comment: fucking branding. Branding, if you can really see it, it’s godamm heteronormative (to name a root of evil), it tells you to pick a side and stay on it, and don’t make people confused. It’s forced individuality, which is strongly superficial.

Some artists don’t have much control or interest over visual compositions, they care for the materials as long as they pass the message. Sometimes they lack the obsession that makes you find deeper associations. Sometimes it looks like crap.

I mean, I am suspicious over surface, over harmony, but also over detachment. I think you can really read intention in art, always. Read the artist. But this is another theme, the artist in work.

I’m out now, anarchic critic style.